Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This tutorial is so easy! Do you have a bunch of different safety pins lying around? I did! I'm sorting through all my stuff and i found safety pins everywhere. When i actually need a safety pin they go in hiding, but here i was, stuck with a bunch of safety pins...

What you'll need are about 30 pins in different sizes, and if you like in different colors. I used silver and gold, but thats just what i had lying around.
Sort the safety pins out: small to big. Make sure you have even number per size. String them on a necklace and voilá!
You could also bead the safety pins like so:


  1. Wat een grappig idee zeg.
    Vroeger maakte ik ook wel armbanden op deze manier, met kraaltjes en elastiek erdoor heen.

    Fijne dag! Groet Dinaz ♥

  2. Leuk je berichtje, én een goed idee! Jij ook een fijne dag :-)


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