Monday, September 3, 2012


This week has been super hectic. My boyfriend is moving in, i've started working again after a very looooong summer holiday (yay for working at a school) and there is stuff i have to sort out everywhere... I have all these cool ideas that i want to share on this blog, DIY's, great website discoveries etc etc etc. But these days i'm already happy when i washed the dishes (which i didnt actually do, but HE did! <3 wow)
So i'm sharing my Pinterest account with you, and some other great account which should give you plenty inspiration. I hope i'll find some time soon, to take photo's when its not totally dark outside... And if i don't, i think i'm sitting on our new couch just being happy :-)
p.s. she has an ah-mah-zing blog too!

also: very very pretty blogging going on

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