Wednesday, September 26, 2012


An artichoke in bloom with purple flowers
// the artichoke is starting to bloom purple flowers!//

Today is my boyfriends birthday, yay! Yesterday our parents came for dinner, it was the first time they met. It was so much fun, talking, laughing and eating the whole night long.
My mother gave us a beautiful bowl they'd bought at a pottery market, i'll make a photo soon, the colors are perfect!
I'm real happy living together with my man, but i'm not looking forward to october. I get to do lots of cool things in october, but i wont be seeing much of him :-(
Early october im going to Poland with 20 students for my work. Then we'll have some time together (autumn vacation) and we're going to Berlin (soooo cool, i'll have to post photo's where we will be sleeping, i cant wait, so exited!!) and then, ill go to Surinam, also for my work, with people from schools all over the Netherlands. Also really really really great!
So i dont really have anything to complain about, but the working schedule of my man is just opposite of mine, meaning that he doesnt have to work when i'm away, and has to work (on location) when im home...
I know, i know, i havent got anything to complain about, but im not looking foward to it, having a long distance relationship for a month.

What is a good sollution, do you have suggestions? Skype? Something else? Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Id love to hear it!

// Im having a give away, for a Moleskine 2013 journal, dont forget! //
pretty farmer truck seen at
// at work, i love pretty old and broken things!//

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  1. Ach ach...leuke en minder leuke dingen...
    Heb zelf geen ervaring met lang weg zijn bij mijn man....dus kan je helaas geen advies geven.
    Elke dag bellen...lijkt mij het makkelijkste. Kan overal en op elk tijdstip :o)

    Succes gewenst! En wel genieten hé!!!
    Groetjes Dinaz ♥


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