Sunday, December 30, 2012


the first week of my holiday is already over. time flies! i hope you also had a nice christmas. i did! we went to my parents for dinner, and my little nephew was also there. he is funny (and a dragon as he kept telling us) but also a bit, well, he's 2y/o, he is really a bít busy ;-)
the day after we went to my sister and i made Bierkip (beer-chicken) It-is-so-yummy! basically you marinade (pieces of) chicken in 0,5 westmalle dubbel (dark belgian beer) onions and thyme. at least for 12 hours. then you take the chicken out, make it until nice and brown and then stew it in the mariande (without the onion and thyme bits) for a nice long time. then add some cream and eat this yummy stuff!

oh and as you can see i have also made a lots of things! ive crocheted a nice edge to a blanket i had. i found the tutorial via Pinterest, ive pinned it so you can check it out. cat seemed to like it too :-)
the crochet triangle thing is a pillowcase i am making, but it is taking looooonger than i thought!
what are you guys doing now?
enjoy the last days of this year !

Sunday, December 23, 2012


the past weeks have been busy and a bit stressfull, but that's over now, because i can enjoy doing nothing for 2 weeks. that is the plus for working at a school!
friday was the last day before the holiday. with my colleagues there is a tradition that we make christmas floral arrangements in the afternoon. i'm not much of a christmas girl so i usually make a normal arrangement. but i wouldnt be me if i didnt hurt myself doing so. so this year i decided to not only cut the flowers, but also my hand.... ouch! stupid mistake, talking and cutting something hard with very sharp flower scissors...
but hey, the flowers look good!
i also wanted to share this iphone cover i made with the tapestry crochet technique. it really gets easier once you practise!
and this lovely cute cup, made by the girls of het Paradijs. <3 

Friday, December 14, 2012


my working week was crazy. i was organising a theme-week for the school i work at. it was tough! organising lots of different elements and schedules for 250 students, with the flu going round, sick colleagues and children. but i've managed, with my good little team! today we celebrated with some cake, and now i am half sleeping, half sitting on my couch, and not getting of it very soon.
this week i've crocheted this nice pillow. i thought it would be easy and mind clearing. well it wasn't! it did make for a good take-your-anger-and-stress-out-on-a-crochet project.
and it does look nice now that it's finished! 

Monday, December 10, 2012


Ingrid from the super nice blog ing-things is hosting a give away week. yes that's right, a give away WEEK! how awesome!
head on over to Ingrid's blog this week for a chance to win a pair of my warm and soft wristwarmers (or order a pair here)

this weekend was a snowy weekend, we celebrated Sinterklaas (do you know what that is?) which was extra nice because of the winter weather.

i wont have much time to blog this week, but check out ing-thing if you are looking for some nice little crochet tutorials!


Saturday, December 8, 2012


oh it's so cold!
everything is covered in a coat of snow. it looks real nice, and soft, and makes all the outside sounds quiet.
yesterday there was a weather alarm, code orange. sounds so James Bond-y i think! we usually dont have extreme weather here in Holland. So when there's snow predicted ánd wind, advice is to stay indoors. i like it.
i dont like to ride my bicycle in the snow or even ride in the car in the snow. so a weather alarm is good news for me :-)
but just imagine if i lived in Norway or Sweden, i would never go outside any more! just kidding, i was in Sweden a few years back in february, snow was pilled up 1 metre, but i loved it. because there they understand that using salt against snow doesnt cut it, sand and stones do!

so i leave you with a sunny little movie, by Mike Matas:

p.s: i'm hosting a give away next week, more soon!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


these are some photo's i found on pinterest, i think i will try to crochet them, tapestry style.
the color combinations inspire me most. that how it works for me usually: i see something with an awesome color combination, or a nice soft chunky texture, i want to make it immediately!

hope they inspire you too!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


some of you lovely readers asked if i could share the pattern for this tablet cover, so here goes!

a few things to keep in mind with tapestry crochet:

* when you want to change color, you change color the stitch previous. take a look at the photos for a how to
* tapestry crochet makes for a really sturdy cover, because you are crocheting over the yarn that you’re not using at the moment
* do not join rounds, this pattern is worked in the round, so use a stitch marker to mark the first stitch of every round.
* if you want to make the cover another size, make sure that you end up with a number of chains in step 2  that you can divide by 6

step 1: chain 21, skip one and sc in the next stitches. sc 3 in the last st and turn. sc in the bottom of the chain you just made. you should have 42 stitches now.

step 2: sc in every st of the round.

now we are starting on the tapestry part.
make sure your tablet, phone, thingy fits in the cover you are making! now is the time to start over if it doesn’t. trust me, you do not want to find out half way in to this pattern …

//how to change color in a sc//
triangle pattern:
sc 5 in grey, change color in the 5 th sc, sc 1 yellow and change to grey in this sc. repeat. 

sc 4 in grey, change color in the 4th sc, sc 2 yellow, change to grey in the 2nd sc, repeat. 

sc 3 in grey, change color in the 3rd sc, sc 3 yellow, change to grey in the 3rd sc, repeat. 

sc 2 in grey, change color in the 2nd sc, sc 4 yellow, change to grey in the 4th sc, repeat. 

sc 1 in grey, change color in this sc, sc 5 yellow, change to grey in the 5th sc, repeat. 

now you can change colors for the next round of triangles like i did, or continue with these 2 colors.

that’s it!

have fun making this, and id love to see your results!