Thursday, September 20, 2012


A peek in my house. In front of my sittingroom window is a huge tree. I call it my sitting room, but its tiny, just a couch in a tiny room. But the tree, i love it, i dont need any curtains and in the evening it creates a lightshow on my wall. The first photo is of one of these natural light shows. Pretty right?!
I was a bit nervous when i showed this vase to my boyfriend, its one of those 'love it or leave it' objects. Well he didnt love it, but said it was ok :-)
I think its a funny vase, and well, sometimes you just need a funny vase.
The flower is actually an artichoke, it will dry out and over time a purple flower will grow in the middle. Have you ever dried artichokes?
Tomorrow ill share a crochet update, also via Instagram photo's, because thats the easiest at this moment.
Have a nice day!

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