Friday, September 21, 2012


Hi you guys, have you noticed that i'm trying real hard to post on this blog? And thank you so much for commenting on the ripple blanket post, i'm going to try to make one! Its great to read comments, makes me happy when i see that you took your time to write something. I'm a bad commenter myself, i so often love blogposts somebody's put ont their blog, but forget to tell them in the comments. Ill make this a blogging goal aswell!
Ok, try to stay on track Annis, i just wanted to show you two photo's of my crocheting projects. The (bad Instgram) photo above is of the blanket ive tried to explain how to make it. As you can see it HUGE. I still have half the blanket to crochet, but it looks nice already right? All the threads are hanging on the side, but that look is growing on me, or it can also be that im becoming more lazy...
The (even worse) photo below is of my granny blanket. I wanted to make the cross granny blanket, but i couldnt figure out how to join them correctly, so now i'm crocheting a grey edge around all the squares. As you see, i've learned form my mistake and made a small blanket!

What are you working on? I'd love to hear!

Edit: these photo's are real bad, ill make some in the daylight soon!


  1. Je dekens worden mooi! Met de squares is veel werk maar wordt wel heel gaaf! Succes!!! :o)

    Fijne dag! Groetjes Dinaz ♥

  2. Wat een heerlijke dekens moeten dat worden. Zalig voor straks in de winter. Ik kijk uit naar de foto's als ze af zijn!

  3. Dank jullie wel! De ene op de bank is stiekem echt al groot aan het worden :-) binnenkort foto's in daglicht, misschien dat ze dan wat duidelijker worden. Leuk jullie berichtjes!


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