Thursday, October 25, 2012


yay! they are finished!
the sister in law of a friend of mine (i know...) ordered these cactusses, uhm cacti? she saw them at a shop and really liked them, but didnt like the price tag so much. so i crocheted away. it took some getting used to, because i'd just done some items where i didnt have to count every row, stitch, decrease, increase etc. but i think they turned out alright. ánd much more cuddly than the real thing! ánd they dont shrivel up and die :-) i think thats a win-win situation going on here!
and thank you blog-schoolers and non-blog-schoolers for the reactions on my blog. every comment is like a present! thank you!


  1. Look at your beautiful cacti and your beautiful bolg and your beauiful English! Girl genius, girl genius!

  2. These are SO CUTE! Gosh, I must learn to crochet this winter. I'm kicking myself for not learning from my grandmother. ^^


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