Monday, October 22, 2012


this i how i join granny squares.
(normally i would crochet the last round with the same color as the joining yarn)
1// place the squares right sides together
2// start in the corner gap by putting your hook through the gaps on both squares and slip stitch 3//
4// slip stitch in the OUTER LOOPS only to the next gap
5// see, outer loops only
6// when your at the next gap, repeat step 2//
7// this is what it looks like from the wrong side, the backside of your blanket
8// ans this is how it looks on the front! when you've crocheted the last rounds of the square in grey, it will be invisible :-)

have a nice day! crochet a-way!

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  1. thank you - I have all the squares I need to finish off the Christmas stocking for my future Granddaughter - she's due to make her appearance Nov/Dec 2016 - in the past I have just fumbled my way in connecting the squares


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