Friday, October 26, 2012


//parcels ready for shipping//

it's friday, so here's a little something for you to start the weekend with! my weekend starts with getting up real early on saturday because im flying to Surinam! i have to work real hard when im there, but ill be back in  8 days and tell you all about it (if i'm not jetlagged to the max)
but for now: enjoy your weekend!

MAKE this:
as you can see, this is not my photo. you can find the tutorial here. when im back i am so going to make one!

EAT this:
this is the perfect autumn meal for me!

WATCH this:
whats this movie about? i dont know exactly, but this trailer leaves me with a feeling that  want to find out!

LISTEN to this:

my sister sent this song to me when i was in Poland. it made me happy, hope it will make you happy too!

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