Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hi there!
This is Sarah 
Annis is in Poland at the moment
so I thought this would be a nice time to post some pictures of my new place!

I had to put all my books in double layers onto the shelves
otherwise it wouldn't fit
luckily the shelves are quite deep
and there was still room for this cute mini cooper piggy bank

Our huuuuuuuuge bed
The wooden letters were a birthday gift from Annis
As you can see the left side is my side
and the right side is Niels' (my boyfriend) side
the print in the middle
(with my reflection on it, pay no attention to that)
is by the wonderful Tushtush

I bought these cute little cactus candles at Action
for only one euro!

Here you can see a print our dad made
It's called "dialog" 
but we secretly call it pacman vs internet explorer : )
beneath it is the flightcase for my bass amp
with lots of stickers on it

Some comicbooks
and an Edgar Allen Poe action figure
(I lost the raven that came with it though...)

This is not in, or even near my house
but I liked the picture
so there!
(it's too bad you can't smell it, it smelled really nice!)

My piggies!

My double bass 
another print by Tushtush on the left
some postcards
The skull print is by GoldenRococo
and the larger one on the right is by Matou en Peluche

And some more random things from around the place
It finally starting to look like a home instead of just a house!
I do miss Annis a bit sometimes
I even miss her crazy cat, Sjefke sometimes!
(but not very often : ) )
Luckily I live quite near the station!

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