Thursday, October 20, 2011


I'm currently working at the library in Den Bosch
and we have a little coffee bar here
and every dat they make their own apple pie

now that might seem like a good thing, but it's not
because every day the smell of warm, freshly baked apple pie just drifts around
and I have to work :(

So tonight I'm making Appelflappen!
I don't know how to say appelflappen in english
apple flaps? 
haha that sounds disgusting....

Anyway, I'm making these things

It's the easiest thing in the world!
This is how I make appelflappen;

I take a packet of 10 sheets of puff pastry out of the freezer
I peel 2 large (or three small) apples and take the pips out
I chop the apples up (doesn't have to be pretty) and put them in a bowl
also in the bowl goed some sugar and some cinnamon
some people like to put raisins in as well, but I famously dislike warm raisins
Then I take the (now defrosted) puff pastry and fold it in half, so I get a triangle shape
with a fork I close one of the sides
I then hold it in my hand like an ice cone and spoon the apple in
Then I close the remaining side and repeat 10 times and done!
I just add an egg wash and sprinkle some sugar on top 
and put it in the oven for as long as the puff pastry package directs.

You can also cut the sheets in half diagonally and make tiny ones!
Good for a party!

Smakelijk eten!
And if anyone can tell me what appelflappen are called in english
and if you have them over there as well
let me know!

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