Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I love reading Goodnight little spoon’s  list
They are so inspiring!

So I wanted to share my list with you
<3           wanting these
<3           finish the 30 day journal challenge challenges
<3           make this and this
<3           buy this, this and this
<3           eat this, eventhough I’m a bit sick to my stomach today
<3           plan my summer vacation to Stockholm or Berlin ...
<3           plan my autumn trip to Morocco with my cute friends!
<3           do much more yoga (oh and look at this link, funny!)
<3           sleep, sleeeeeeeep
<3           read these great daily (see my list!)

Here’s my day today in photo’s

I saw this great graffiti where I parked my bike
This cardboard moose head I bought at my favorite design store
I also saw this rose coaster that was way too expensive,
So I made my own! Woohooo!                



  1. Good job on your own rose coaster, looks great! And that cardboard moose is amazing! Wow I'm getting lots of inspiration here, thanks!

    Have a great wednesday afternoon!

  2. Hi Carolina, thank you so much! And i'm going to give photoshop a try :-) I see that you live in Stockholm, maybe you could give me some summer to-do tips?! I've been once in winter and it was great (even with 1 metres of snow and a cancelled flight home)


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