Tuesday, June 14, 2011

random things

It always takes me a while to get round to putting the photos I took onto my computer
But I finally did it!
So here are some random things
A necklace I bought in Deventer for 1 euro

I saw this cute little birdhouse in a shop in Den Bosch

Cool colours in our house

The prettiest cider

Eating slush puppies in Den Bosch


  1. Hi Annis!

    Gildas rum is lovely, actually the whole street (Skånegatan) and the surroundings is full of life and young people. There is so many cute shops and especially coffee shops and delis.
    I can recommend Urban Deli at Nytorget, over the street in the corner to gildas. Pet sound bar further down the street for a late night drink. The record store with the same name is over the street and beside it is Koh Phangan a restaurant with yummie thai food, lunch and dinner. The shop Grandpa in the same area. Well there are lots to do around that area:) Also in Slussen, about 10 min from Skånegatan you should go to Mosebacke for a beer or just to look at the view over Stockholm.

    Oh my this was a long comment...anyway there is lots more to do of course! Maybe I'll add some later :)
    Do you have friends here?

  2. hahahahahaha !!! dat vogelkooitje is fantastisch grappig !


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