Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Foody post

i love food :-)
and cooking, especcially cooking for someone
(Sarah likes eating my food, so that's a good match)
* you guys did know we write this blog together, me and my sister Sarah?*

My dreamkitchen:
Too bad this one is in Mexico
and belongs to Hartwood restaurant

So... yesterday i made my new favorite salad
its an Asian salad and it looks like this
The recipe? Well ofcourse my dears!
- salad leafs
- 2 sweet peppers (i like a red and a yellow one)
- 2 spring onions
- avocado
- peanuts (optional)
- fennel
- a steak
- soy sauce
- lime juice
- sesame oil (little little bit)
- sweet chili sauce
-  garlic
- fresh ginger
- coriander
- mint

Mix up the dressing. Fry the steak the way you like it. Me, i like it medium rare. When it's still hot, slice the meat in thin strips and put it in the dressing. (if you are vegetarian you can leave the meat out or use tofu)
Then for some major chopping action: chop the peppers, fennel, avocado, spring onions into small strips. 
Mix everything together and ENJOY!
This salad is also great to eat with chopsticks :-)

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