Friday, November 9, 2012


i've added some hats to my etsy shop. i love sweet little babies, but i love them more when they have bear ears :-)
there was a spot on my lens, as you can see in the photos...
these hats are not that hard to make, if you'd like 'll share a tutorial on how to crochet on, just let me know in the comments below!
do you use etsy? i've been scared opening a shop for a long long time, and i didnt have a creditcard. i have to say that working with etsy is so easy, they have thought about everything! you can watch all kinds of tutorials on how to make better photo's, how to list items and how to grow your shop, if that is what you want.
me, i like a small shop, where the thinks that are sold are made with love, because i wanted to make them, not because i felt i had to.


  1. Ik heb net en creditcard aangevraagd. Ik ga er ook voor, een kleine etsy winkel gevuld met met liefde gemaakte producten!

    1. Ja ik zou het zeker doen! Ik ben er erg tevreden over hoe makkelijk het allemaal gaat :-)

  2. Do you think you CAN sent me this tuto ?
    My mai lis.
    Thank you so much


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