Tuesday, November 27, 2012

BLOGGING LATELY (well, not blogging...)

i havent blogged in a while. thats ok, because ive been doing a lot of cool things with my friends (oh ok,  working a lot... and some cool things)
i did however crochet some, which you can see in picture 1 & 3. I'm very proud of my first ever tapestry crochet item that actually worked, maybe Yarnfreak's pattern will make sense to me now.
i also made a stash of wristwarmers in the colors that i love: a lot of neutrals, with a pop of burgungy or mustard yellow. i'll list them soon in my etsy shop!

autumn is very pretty (pic 2) , i have to remind myself that it's also pretty, not just cold, wet and dark!
but these new house shoes from Collegien (pic 4) make even the cold part not so bad anymore!

ive started to learn more about blogging, design etc. i didnt think of it myself, but i have the lovely JustB blogschool from Pip, the book of Oh Joy! and an ecourse from A Beautiful Mess to thanks for that!

now, if i can just find the time to actually read and do everything i want to... :-)


  1. "Now, if i can just find the time to actually read and do everything I want to." I COMPLETELY understand what you mean. ^^ It's been a busy, but fun few weeks here too. I love your new crochet projects!

    1. :-) thank you! and it's good to hear that i'm not the only one with lots of plans and little time

  2. I'm also doing a lot of yarn crafting the last weeks. :) I'm so looking forward to wear my loop scarf soon. :) :)
    Especially love your first crochet work with the triangles! Definitely have to try out something with geometric forms too. :)

    1. It's not that difficult, i can try to explain it if you want! you can email me on handgehaakt@gmail.com


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