Thursday, January 3, 2013


happy newyear!
a brand new year, it always makes me happy to think what all the possibilities are for the year. lovely dinners we'll have, nice evenings with friends, going camping, maybe going to a far away country, or camp in our backyard, because maybe we will buy a house with a backyard. or we can just make a bed on our tiny balcony. who knows! i like the idea of endless possibilities.
and i am hoping to make some more nice things in 2013, like this fox softie i made a few days ago. i surprised myself with the result, it looks nice! and my sewing machine was falling apart but not too much for this fox to not get finished.
so hurray!

and you? have you made goals for 2013?


  1. ahh.. wat een schatje! :D Hij is goed gelukt.

  2. Hoi Annis, ik heb nog niet eerder de tijd gevonden om je een berichtje te sturen. Ontzettend bedankt voor de polswarmers die ik van jou heb gekregen via de give-away van Ingthings. De kleur is perfect! Ben er erg blij mee!! Ik wens je veel liefde, gezondheid, geluk en creativiteit toe in 2013! Groetjes van Janneke


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