Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday - MORE inspiration

Sarah just send me a cool link
Now that she lives in Den Bosch we message each other a lot
I saw her yesterday when we went to a 'lecture' about the history of pop music
by Leo Blokhuis in the Nijmegen Library
It was funny, because Sarah en me, we understand each other when other people don't.
For example, she knew who i was talking about when i asked her:
'Is that about the singer with the long hair and the moustache?'
(it was about music in the '70, when everybody had long hair and a moustache...)
Yep, David Crosby

But I was going to tell you about this cool link my lovely sister send me
(great name huh?)
 Sarah lives near to Portobello Road in London where she has a rather interesting concept – a shop in her home where she posts things up, literally, to her walls and then invites you dear web friends to click on her wall and purchase what you see. How brilliant is this? (tekst via)

Happy inspiration thursday!

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