Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lazy bloggers

Hello there!
It's been so long since we have written something for you here.
Sarah was in the studio with her band, and preparing her move to another city (she is moving TOMORROW!) And I wasn't really doing much, but i did go to Berlin for a week.

Sarah will have to tell you about her studio adventures and the moving business :-)

So yesterday i want to the centre of Nijmegen to buy a new bag. I came 'home' (well it was a café where i would meet my mom and Sarah) with new shoes, a dress and some cute shorts... no bag in sight!
But i DO love my new shoes, there were really cheap and there are made out of leather (and i am ignoring the blister on my baby toe...)

And when i came home after a lovely dinner and a funny movie (The Trip) where was a cd waiting for me! (from the mix-tape swap at Goodnight Little Spoon)
It looks great doesn't it? I love this mix, it's perfect!
Thanks Melissa!

Berlin was awesome! We rented bikes and biked through the whole city. Food was our main attraction :-) And they have some great food in Berlin! Loads of Asian restaurants, lots of nice bars and clubs. Flowers on tables, gin tonics with a lot of tonic, graffiti on walls. Yeah life is good in Berlin!

For the people who requested the crochet flower pattern in Dutch, you can send us an email and i'll reply the pattern to you!

x Annis

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