Sunday, July 17, 2011

rainy days - crochet patterns!

Well, our summer holiday officially started last week. Yay!
After two humid, hot days the rain started aswell... In our city there is this thing called the 'summerfest'. It lasts one week and in that week there is music in the whole city. It's like a free festival, with great bands that play in parks, in shopping streets etc. It's quite big. So usually our plan for that week is: sleep in, go swimming (or more sleeping in the sun) have a BBQ and then go into town and dance dance dance.
But this year its raining bad. Squares that are usually filled with dancing people were empty yesterday EMPTY!
Wow! And while i am writing this, the sun is starting to shine, i hope the weather people are wrong and it isn't going to rain for 2 (!) weeks in a row.

But, for a positive note, what is nice, is that i had some time to look for some nice crochet patterns. Here you go:
(most of them are free patterns, click on the photo to go to the ravelry pattern!)


  1. Ooh! Ik ben de afgelopen weken ook bezig geweest met een gehaakte vossenstola! Zo origineel was mijn idee dus niet ;). Nou ja, hij is net af en ook mooi geworden. Verslavend leuk he haken? groetjes!

  2. Bedankt voor de inspiratie! Die sjaal/kol ga ik zeker maken binnenkort!

  3. Wat een super leuk plait.

    groetjes Conny


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