Sunday, December 30, 2012


the first week of my holiday is already over. time flies! i hope you also had a nice christmas. i did! we went to my parents for dinner, and my little nephew was also there. he is funny (and a dragon as he kept telling us) but also a bit, well, he's 2y/o, he is really a bít busy ;-)
the day after we went to my sister and i made Bierkip (beer-chicken) It-is-so-yummy! basically you marinade (pieces of) chicken in 0,5 westmalle dubbel (dark belgian beer) onions and thyme. at least for 12 hours. then you take the chicken out, make it until nice and brown and then stew it in the mariande (without the onion and thyme bits) for a nice long time. then add some cream and eat this yummy stuff!

oh and as you can see i have also made a lots of things! ive crocheted a nice edge to a blanket i had. i found the tutorial via Pinterest, ive pinned it so you can check it out. cat seemed to like it too :-)
the crochet triangle thing is a pillowcase i am making, but it is taking looooonger than i thought!
what are you guys doing now?
enjoy the last days of this year !

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