Saturday, December 8, 2012


oh it's so cold!
everything is covered in a coat of snow. it looks real nice, and soft, and makes all the outside sounds quiet.
yesterday there was a weather alarm, code orange. sounds so James Bond-y i think! we usually dont have extreme weather here in Holland. So when there's snow predicted ánd wind, advice is to stay indoors. i like it.
i dont like to ride my bicycle in the snow or even ride in the car in the snow. so a weather alarm is good news for me :-)
but just imagine if i lived in Norway or Sweden, i would never go outside any more! just kidding, i was in Sweden a few years back in february, snow was pilled up 1 metre, but i loved it. because there they understand that using salt against snow doesnt cut it, sand and stones do!

so i leave you with a sunny little movie, by Mike Matas:

p.s: i'm hosting a give away next week, more soon!

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