Friday, August 24, 2012

BABY BLANKET (tutorial)

This is what I'm working on. Well this and another blanket... And that is something for someone who doesn't like big projects. (so i started TWO big projects... something went wrong there...)
I saw my friend Marlous crochet a beautiful baby blanket to give to a friend. It looked difficult, but when she explained it to me it turned out it's super easy! So i decided to make one myself.
Here's the pattern for you!
Grey part:
Chain a multiple of 4. Make this chain as wide as you want the blanket to be. (I went a bit too large...)
Now ch 3 (this will count as the first dc) and dc2. Ch 1, dc3. Repeat the ch1, dc3 part till you're at the end. Fasten off.

Green part:
Attach the new yarn. ch3 and then sc in the grey ch 1 part. (as you can see you're sticking the needle between the grey clusters) Repeat till the end and fasten off.

And then you repeat these 2 rows untill the blanket is at your desired length.
I'm just halfway... so i started a new project. More soon! :-)

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