Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday - biking

If you live in Hollandyou have to own a bike.
I love riding my bike,
but mine is broken en yesterday, when i wanted to take 
Sarah's bike I saw it had a flat tire.
That's the downside of riding bikes
(or the downside of glass on the cycling lane)

When my bike is fixed
I want it to look nice
I looked at City Girl Rides blog
she's got so much style, and that on a bike!
take a look.

And because this week i'm only doing picture heavy posts,
here is some nice bike inspiration :-)

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  1. Ahh, these are adorable! Funny how the bike thing just took off, huh? My hubby likes to mountain bike and road bike so he's my tire fixer. Have fun riding :D


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